About Us

At LEADERA Consulting Group, we recognize that each client’s needs are different. That’s why we work with our clients to tailor our products and services to best fit your mission. Our Products and services focus on four main areas:

LEADERA believes that all individuals, teams, and organizations have the ability to go beyond what’s expected. To turn the ordinary extraordinary. Organizations are perfectly designed to stay the course. To operate in safe, familiar ways. To generate the same outcomes. LEADERA is designed to disrupt ordinary outcomes and predictable actions, thinking, and ideas. No matter your industry, the size of your team, or the nature of your project, our role is to inspire and challenge your greatest resource – your people – to operate beyond the predictable and to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

LEADERA cultivates possibilities in people. We break down barriers and open people up to new, bold, and tangible possibilities in their thinking, actions, and beliefs for individuals to realize optimal performance. When people are engaged and challenged to think differently, they discover actionable solutions that didn’t exist before. Committed leaders emerge at all levels who mobilize an organization in striking ways to tackle and solve the toughest business challenges.

Our work is a comprehensive revolution. We will inspire your people to think differently.
We will challenge your teams to problem-solve effectively.
We will galvanize your organizations to achieve the extraordinary.

LEADERA. Disrupting Predictability. Cultivating Possibility.

Our Team

Kevin Cullen: President

Kevin Cullen, a co-founder of LEADERA Consulting Group, specializes in creating and working with business leaders worldwide to continually produce breakthrough business results. With over 25 years of leadership training, his expertise has provided individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies, innovative business consulting, training and development programs. He’s taught leaders at every level to design, deliver and implement change initiatives that produce exceptional results. This training has consistently proven to be instrumental in assisting clients meet and exceed their business objectives.

His mission is to help people achieve their greatest fulfillment by providing the skills needed to express their true self and live consistent with their values everywhere in their life.

Kevin attended school at two prestigious Southern California colleges where his focus was Political Science as well as Business Law. Kevin has also taught classes at Denver University in Colorado. He is certified in several professional disciplines and training methodologies.

Janeice Weinand: CEO

For more than a decade, Janeice Weinand has worked with business leaders to achieve unprecedented business results. She specializes in performance-based leadership development and change management where communication and collaboration are essential to success.

Her prior business experience includes ten years with another consulting fi­rm where she designed and delivered customized leadership development programs. In addition, Janeice has worked with management and teams at all levels of organizations to implement performance based initiatives. She also worked for ten years with Hillwood Development Company where she served as Vice President of Finance. She began her career with PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a senior auditor.

Janeice graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She is a certified PMP, Project Management Professional and maintains her status as a Certified Public Accountant.

Kim Gustavsson: Senior Consultant

Kim is a senior consultant with Leadera Consulting Group and specializes in performance improvement and performance coaching.  Kim’s expertise and commitment to the development of leadership skills within an organization has allowed business leaders worldwide to define and seize growth opportunities, rapidly improve performance, and attain specific measurable business results within their organizations.

Kim has over 20 years of experience providing business consulting, coaching, training and development to individuals and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Kim’s has a unique approach to delivering coaching and leading programs – by asking questions that engage participants in such a way that they discover things about and for themselves.  He has been trained by some of the foremost thinkers and originators in the field of Personal and Organization Transformation. Kim is dedicated his work and life to Integrity, Equality and Human & Civil Rights for people.  He actively contributes to organizations around the world that further those causes.

Kim is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science graduating with honors.  Kim is fluent in four languages (Swedish, English, Danish and Norwegian) and has extensively studied two other languages (French and German).

Brooks Hale: Consultant

Brooks has been involved in delivering personal development and transformational work since the 1990s, having worked with and been trained by some of the top practitioners in the industry. He has traveled all over the world delivering training and leadership programs for both large and small settings, as well as acting as a personal/executive coach.

As a student of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Toronto in Canada, Brooks has had a lifelong passion for exploring the human condition and how we can best improve upon it.

An entrepreneur and investor, Brooks has applied his decades of experience and training to his own personal ventures and now brings that worldly perspective to the Leadera Consulting Group.

Brooks lives in San Francisco with his wife Su and their son Chase.