Extremely Personable and Knowledgeable on Project Management
"As the sponsor for the 2011 annual conference and expo I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin prior to the conference and found him to be extremely personable and very knowledgeable on Project Management. Kevin was one of the speakers at the break-out sessions at the conference and exceeded all expectations by not only filling his session to capacity (100 people) but he also stepped in to help out when one of the other speakers had a medical emergency. He led a further two sessions and filled the first to capacity (100 people) and in the second we combined two rooms to seat 200 and this was also filled to capacity. Kevin is a very passionate and entertaining speaker that I would have no hesitation in recommending to any client."

Andy Stuart, President, Project Management Institute, Houston Texas

Integrity, Honesty, Sincerity and Trustworthiness
"Kevin Cullen represents integrity, honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness.

Kevin is an effective presenter and a champion of clear communication. He promotes and practices sincere friendly lines of communication to identify and effectively deal with critical issues that are not being addressed or clearly communicated. This in turn fosters critical trustworthy relationships necessary for breakthrough performances. He engages his audience; it is a pleasure to be a part of a presentation where Kevin is as much interested in the audience as the audience is in Kevin and his presentation. Asking difficult questions are encouraged and welcomed with honest and sincere responses.

Kevin presented at the PMI Houston June 2011 Conference where audience members had to be turned away by moderators for lack of available space. As a courteously he willingly volunteered to stand in for a last minute presenter cancellation and present for anyone who did not have the luxury of hearing his presentation the first time.

In a time where job satisfaction is at a low, it is good to hear someone loves to go to work and help individuals solve their problems. Kevin vivaciously expresses what he loves to do: learn, work with people, teach and tackle problems. I strongly recommend absorbing Kevin Cullen's high energy, honest approach to solving problems."

Briana Egan, Project Manager

Providing common sense tools…
"Kevin and his colleagues share a keen ability to work within organizations to implement breakthrough thinking while providing common sense tools to effectively address barriers that prevent realization of true differentiated results. Kevin's work with my team, while I served as SVP for Reliant Energy, was integral to our identification and correction of behavioral and organizational actions that, while familiar and well intended, were actually preventing us from realizing exceptional results. Kevin's direct and very candid methods to build team enrollment, provided behavioral conditioning and a real commitment to a "what by when by whom" culture and the shared expectations for clear commitments that are required to deliver exceptional and breakthrough (not incremental) operating results. Kevin helped me hone the personal attributes and skills required to drive real change; tools that are useful in my personal and professional efforts."

David Roylance, Principle, Prism Energy Solutions

Designing and executing Breakthrough Projects
"I participated in a 6 month leadership development course led by Kevin and his team. The course focused on designing and executing a Breakthrough project that was aimed specifically at Value Capture and market growth. The course included several people from different divisions throughout the company. As with most initiatives, the difficult part of the project was "execution" and the course was geared toward that specifically. Not only did the projects deliver their goals, in most cases the targets were greatly surpassed. However, the thing that was most impressive was level of development and growth that I experienced and that I saw take place with each person. We learned new ways of having conversations that dramatically increased our effectiveness at obtaining buy-in and navigating tough conversations within the organization. There was a definite positive change noticed among those who participated in the course . I highly recommend Kevin's group for any organization looking for breakthrough results, leadership development and employees' professional growth."

Amy Wharton, Sales Executive, ConEdison Solutions

Operating With Integrity
"Kevin has been a huge influence in how I operate and do business. He brought forward many concepts to take into consideration in life and in the professional world, from operating with integrity, being complete with crucial conversations, to breakthrough performance and project management. There isn't a day that goes by where a thought or a process that I gained from him isn't used."

Suzanne Tyrell, IT Director, Houston Independent School District

Adding Value to the Retreat
"I hired Kevin to deliver a presentation to our executive and senior management team at our annual leadership retreat in September 2010. Kevin worked with me and my team throughout the summer to ensure that his presentation was fully integrated into the rest of the retreat proceedings, and added value to the overall retreat agenda, beyond simply his presentation. His presentation, focused on leadership and communication, was well received."

Reg Manhas, Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Talisman Energy Inc.

A High-Energy, Creative Consultant
"Kevin is a high-energy, creative consultant who brought good value and results for my organization. His direct communication style and deep commitment to ensuring client results were a value-add to our firm!"

Skip Schweiss, Managing Director, TD Ameritrade

More Productive and Increased Value
"Kevin listened to what I wanted the team to deliver and then worked with us to get to that state. Kevin is easy to work with, is always well prepared and makes work events enjoyable and productive. The work structure we created has focused the team and helped our customers understand our capabilities. The team has several tools and a changed way of thinking to be more productive and ultimately add increased value to the company."

Jerry Osmond, Chief Drilling & Completions Engineer, Hess Corporation

A Catalyst for Individual and Organizational Breakthroughs
"Kevin has a powerful knack for assisting people in their transformation to inspiring leaders. His ability to guide individuals, and groups, in examining their own limiting beliefs and moving beyond the context that has held them there is a catalyst for individual and organizational breakthrough. His delivery is provocative, personal, and inspirational, in the realization of exceptional results.

The foundation for success Kevin delivers is based on the understanding that leadership transforms organizational culture and that leadership can emerge everywhere within an organization when the culture sets forth to inspire it. He is creative, has expert knowledge of the subject matter and acts consistently with the highest of integrity."

Alan Gorman, Mining Executive, Toronto

He Help Us Achieve Breakthrough Results
"Kevin led the Breakthrough Project Implementation class at Reliant for Operations and IT Leadership. It was an excellent class designed to help us achieve breakthrough results for our projects. Kevin led the class, and did an outstanding job. I also had the pleasure of leveraging Kevin's talents for my organization specifically, in a group session that helped changed the context of the conversations and actions within my group in a postive and striking fashion. I also highly recommend the Leadership and Accomplishment class from KCB, as well as the Leadership Communication section that was held as part of the BPI class. The concepts in these classes are not just applicable to your professional life, but your personal life as well. I look forward to maintaining our professional relationship in the future. I feel that I can look to Kevin at any time for advice and counsel. (I regret that I am only allowed to select 3 of the 7 attributes for Kevin. The other ones: Expert, Good Value, On Time, and Creative would also apply!!!)"

John Davidson, Managing Partner, Leadigm

They Bring Creative Approaches to Solving with Problems
"Kevin is great to work with. He forces you to think about problems from different perspectives and brings creative approaches to solving with problems. He is great at helping create change to remove cultural barriers that inhibit an organiation from acheiving its goals. The transformation that can be created in an organization and individiuals is truely amazing."

Ken Redding, VP of Information Technology at Reliant

Entertaining and Compelling Style
"What I like about LEADERA's approach is that they provide very simple practical instructions on how to achieve things rather than esoteric "concepts" than are difficult to apply in real situations. I honestly believe I learned more in one day than I did in 2 weeks on other leadership/management courses. Some things that stuck with me: "If you want to write a book, you actually have to make time, sit down and start writing". Kevin Cullen also has the unique ability to combine a very entertaining and compelling style with informative useful learnings - which if you think about it is quite unusual in an educational setting. Initially, I thought I like this guy, he's funny, he tells great stories but where is this going and then BOOM! The light goes on and it makes sense, and the part that is different is, because it was attached to an event it stays in your mind."

Doug Bollingbroke, Worldwide Drilling, Apache Corp