What makes your Leadership coaching so effective?

Our coaching starts and ends with business results. From the beginning we establish clear goals and metrics against which our clients work. The client's development takes place in the process as they deliver extraordinary results because they are able to face and resolve the challenges that arise in the process of executing their targeted deliverables.

How are you different than other consulting firms?

We consider it our job to have our clients succeed. We approach each client with a commitment to partner with them for success. Do not merely come up with a plan or a book and tell you to do it. We work with you as stakeholders dedicated to the results being delivered and stay the course until the breakthrough takes place.

What kind of experience do you have with large companies in producing Business and Cultural Transformation?

We have over 30 years’ experience working in transformation. We have successfully delivered programs for some of the world's largest corporations, medium sized organizations and even some smaller companies. No matter what size project we take on it boils down to having a clear vision, solid objectives that are widely known with a commitment to deliver results that represent a breakthrough in performance.

What kind of success can we expect from our breakthrough projects when they are brought into the project leadership course?

Our proven approach involves engaging and leveraging the company's most valuable asset – its employees. This is your "secret weapon" -- involving employees at every level from the executive to the front line in the creation and design of the future of the company. This includes selecting high value initiatives that promise to deliver a big return for the time, effort and resources invested. We have a systematic process for engaging a critical mass of employees in participating in the delivery of these targeted results.

What is the methodology that you use?

Our 5-Stage Approach to Process Optimization & Cultural Change

  • Stage 1 – Articulate the Vision & Gain Buy-in
  • Stage 2 – Develop a Strategic Direction & Plan
  • Stage 3 – Organize for Success / Design from Implementation
  • Stage 4 – Ensure Successful Implementation
  • Stage 5 – Structure for Sustainability
How do you ensure success?

We like to "stack the deck" to ensure success. We do this by facilitating discussions and work sessions in which initiatives are designed by thinking from implementation as opposed to being designed for implementation. This subtle distinction makes all the difference. What it looks like in action is that those who will be accountable to deliver the results are involved in the design of the initiatives. Therefore they carefully think through what it will actually take to be successful and in doing so take ownership for both the initiative and the results. During the design these employees usually invite their peers to collaborate in the design and planning which produces a healthy level of buy-in before the project even begins.

What does a typical engagement with LeadEra look like?

Throughout the process, we provide a combination of coaching, facilitation, just-in-time training and leadership development that equips team members and other stakeholders with the capabilities necessary for successful implementation. Those who are engaged in the process create a sense of ownership. We do not live on site and mandate the changes. We empower and encourage participation and inclusion, which ensures that the changes and results are integrated into the fabric of the culture and become a source of pride for the organization.

Please describe the quality of your training & development.

Our training programs leave people in a new place—with an opening for powerful action and a new freedom to be—Real Leadership emerges. To be clear – what we offer in the area of training and development is not like anyone else and we can prove it. Our developmental training receives the highest marks consistently and people who participate in our work say it was "the most valuable training I have received in my career". In addition, participants report that the training had a significant and positive impact on their personal life. This leads to motivated satisfied employees.

How do you ensure sustainability after you leave?

When our work is done, we leave behind a competent and able cadre of professionals that are capable of delivering solid results, improving them over time, sustaining the results and then "passing the torch" on to the next generation of stakeholders.