Help leaders conduct business like a well-tuned orchestra.

Success of any organization depends on its leaders...

We work with our clients to custom design courses and workshops to fit their specific needs using our Breakthrough framework as a basis.  Courses and workshops include leadership development, executive intensives, effective communication, building a high performance team and implementation of projects from strategic design to incorporation in day-to-day operations, to name a few.

This 8-day leadership laboratory is for executives, managers and business owners who are interested in discovering a new approach to leadership.  You will leave the course exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression in any situation .

  • Breakthrough Leadership Communications

Developing and delivering a leadership message that inspires and moves people into action is an art. Often, when leadership comes up with a well thought through message and delivers the message, what is heard from the employees is not what the leader intended.  In this course you will gain the ability to deliver a clear and simple message using a proven methodology that engages people and moves them into action toward desired business results.

  • High Performance Team

There is nothing like watching a leadership team that is operating at full capacity; running like a finely tuned machine. When a team “gels” they seem to work together in a synchronized way that produces results greater than the sum total of its parts.  High performance teams are built intentionally.

  • Breakthrough Project Leadership

The Breakthrough Project Leadership Course (BPL) trains project leaders in the fundamentals of both designing and executing a Breakthrough project. The focus of the course is on developing the necessary leadership skills to guide a project to success. The course is a highly interactive combination of learning, coaching and application of concepts to your project.

  • Leading From the Future

The Leading From The Future Course is designed to develop participants as leaders of your company.  Leadership and management are two very distinct sets of skills and are often confused.  In this course participants learn the difference and practice the application of leadership skills to real time projects and day-to-day activities.

The Four Pillars of Performance course is a one day training session that is designed to alter the way a group of colleagues approaches the task at hand. We focus on:
- Occurring- How the world occurs for you and me shapes our actions
- Context- Actions are shaped by the context in the background - Integrity- Without it nothing works - Existence- Where is your word when it comes time to keep your word

A conductor's hand holding a baton.

Leadership Development

The success of any organization depends on its leaders; these programs give you the skills to conduct a business like a finely tuned orchestra.

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Performance Improvement

Our experienced coaches work with individuals and/or groups to expand their capacity to develop a precision machine and produce extraordinary results.

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A businessman standing in front of a maze.

Strategic Implementation

We instill the essential skills required to create powerful solutions solving the perplexity of becoming an effective leader.

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An artist's palette with paints and brushes.

The Art of Communication

Communication is an art form that can be learned. We help you create the picture that fully communicates you message as an effective leader.

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Our workshops are customized to address your organizational needs. We partner with our clients to create new "fit for purpose" off‑erings aligned with their company's strategy and situation.